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Tuesday 01 May, 2018

This could be your next big move. Join our 800-strong global digital tribe to work on needle-shifting, award-winning digital and social campaigns for clients from NGOs to mobile and automotive leaders (see below for examples of what we’ve been up to recently in London and Stockholm).

The world is changing, fast. The lines between communications, media and technology are blurring. Our heritage in earned media puts us in a brilliant position to orchestrate innovative, engaging and impactful digital and social strategy and creative execution.

We’re in demand, so we’re hiring more digital talent at all levels: account management; social media creative, copywriting, community management and asset production; data, analytics and paid media; and digital strategy. For all vacancies, click here and search for ‘London’ – if you would like to discuss in more detail please contact James Sale at recruitment@webershandwick.com.

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HSBC UK, Cyber-Crime: A Campaign That Didn't Add Up

Consumers cite digital fraud as a key concern – and yet understanding of the increasingly sophisticated methods being used by fraudsters is low. With fraud dramatically peaking during Christmas, HSBC UK was keen to engage and educate consumers on the issue.


We collaborated with celebrity maths wizard and UK TV host, Rachel Riley, in a campaign that combined creativity, innovative technology and a brave communications strategy. With ‘deep fake’-style technology behind much of the conversation about how the online world is not always as it seems, we decided to harness it, ‘stealing’ Rachel’s identity by manipulating a normal interview of her. To the outside world, it appeared that she was confessing that she is actually bad at maths and not the numerical whizz she appears to be on TV.


Timed to coincide with Cyber Monday (26th November 2018), the campaign took Twitter by storm. Posts on HSBC’s channels alone drove over 73 million impressions, the campaign videos gathered over 14.2 million views. The earned media coverage reach hit 364 million with national hits including the Daily Express, the Daily Mail and Independent; even the Russians speculated on the fake news, with Russian news outlet RT following the story. In the UK, celebrities, Members of Parliament, fraud organisations and regional police forces applauded the initiative.

Clear Channel, The Out Of Home Project

As winter 2018 approached, the City of Stockholm was keen to continue its focus on the provision of temporary shelters for the increasing number of homeless citizens, when the temperature drops below minus seven degrees. With people often struggling to find their way to the designated locations, the Prime Weber Shandwick team realised that Clear Channel’s digital screens could play a key role in combatting this problem and worked with the company’s communications and technical teams to create a ground-breaking emergency alert system. Based on weather data, distance and time, details of the nearest open shelter were shared on screens in carefully selected locations including transport hubs and other areas of high footfall, as soon as the temperature dropped.


When the temperature sat above minus seven, a number of the screens displayed messages highlighting the need for volunteers and donations of basics such as blankets and clothes. Messages for the homeless also appeared, including where to get a hot meal, day shelter locations and key events designed to support them. During the winter months, a number of the homelessness organisations involved – including Stockholms Stadsmission and Ny Gemenskap – reported an increase in visitors to their facilities whilst others, including The Salvation Army expressed interest in signing up. Established events such as the lunch for the homeless held mid-December each year in Stockholm reported record attendance.


The initiative attracted over 120 pieces of national and international press coverage, securing over 78 million in earned reach. In addition, a substantial rise in positive sentiment towards Clear Channel was noted and other offices within the company’s international network requested details of the campaign for local consideration.

Coca-Cola, Freestyle

Millennials and Gen-Z are known for wanting two things: everything on-demand, and unique personalised experiences. With the launch of Coca-Cola Freestyle, a drinks dispenser that lets customers mix, match and blend their favourite beverages into totally new drinks, the company was aiming to tap into this mash-up culture. The only problem was choice overload – that feeling of getting to the machine and being so overwhelmed by the options that you don’t make the most of them.


The solution was an app that curated and demystified the process, offering education, inspiration and fun to the user. Partnering with influencers and media, we created promotional mixes ordered through the app and delivered via a nearby Coca-Cola Freestyle machine. We also built an interactive interface where consumers could play mixologist, point their phone at the machine and have their chosen creation poured and served before their eyes; a refreshing new way to   enjoy Coca-Cola.


To promote Freestyle, the brand teamed up with Disney, Marvel and Vue Cinemas to treat movie-goers to a limited edition drink. In celebration of the launch of the Captain Marvel movie, we developed a digital experience like no other, in which Vue movie-goers could summon up Captain Marvel to their smartphone where he’d mix the drink ready for the customer to blast it across the room to the drinks machine for a freshly-poured beverage to enjoy alongside the film.