The Price of Financial Freedom in Retirement: the New Pensions Time Bomb?

Wednesday 04 March, 2015

Breakfast and Panel Discussion

Weber Shandwick will hold a breakfast event on Thursday 26 March to explore the communications challenges the pensions and investment industry will face as a result of the new pension freedoms coming into force in April.

The baby-boomer generation faces a new wave of retirement lifestyle options. From April, retirees will have total freedom to decide how to capitalise on the wealth accumulated during their working lives. The pension landscape will change forever, as this group is tempted with a retirement marked by big-ticket material purchases rather than the steady-income of a traditional annuity.

Is the financial services industry ready to face this new wave of competition for wealth, as pensioners face a choice of investment options as well as having the freedom to spend? How should the industry engage its customers and broader stakeholders to help them understand potentially complicated decisions about the options that will be best for them? What responsibility does the financial services sector have to ensure pensioners can make the right choices and this new freedom doesn’t cause an increase in pensioner poverty?

Weber Shandwick has assembled a panel of experts to discuss the likely impact of the reforms, its expectations about how the financial services industry should and will respond, and how to deliver a message of financial responsibility in a new era of financial choice.

Panellists include:

David Geale, Director of Policy, FCA

Josephine Cumbo, Pensions Correspondent, Financial Times

Liz Wolstenholme, Head of Brand Strategy, UK, Weber Shandwick

When: Thursday 26 March

Start: 8:00a.m

Finish: 9:30a.m

Where: Weber Shandwick, 2 Waterhouse Square, 140 Holborn, London, EC1N 2AE

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