Content Creation

We have always been storytellers at heart. Today we just have new mediums to tell those stories.

No longer can we expect to tell a story to a middle-man and assume it will percolate through to our desired end audience in the right way. We are no longer communicators of other people’s content… we are content creators that tell other people’s stories.

With a diverse range of audiences to talk to and a host of new user-driven channels to contend with, it’s vital to partner creative people with strategic planners and then with the best makers and producers, in order to create content in whatever style and format is relevant to each part of an audience. Working together, our different specialists combine to understand the audience, the channel and the right creative in order to produce engaging and shareable content that helps your campaign fly.

We can create or help you to create almost any type of video, written, graphic or photo content:

  • from clever infographics to complex scientific data visualisation and animation
  • from ‘how to’ and training videos to creative films with viral potential
  • from product demos to multi-cam recorded and live shows
  • from broadsheet, tabloid or magazine copy and articles to Behind-the-scenes/the ‘making of’ videos.