Corporate Responsibility

Expectations of business have changed. Beyond products, services and profits made, stakeholders are calling for greater transparency on how companies operate.

From taxation to supply chains, human rights to employee engagement and corporate governance to long-term business sustainability, it is becoming critical for business to demonstrate the financial and non-financial value that it creates.

Our Science of Engagement research shows that consumers, more than ever, give importance to the provenance and environmental footprint of the products and services that they buy. Our work with opinion formers, investors and regulators shows that these stakeholders are also interested in the social, environmental and economic performance of the companies with which they engage.

At Weber Shandwick, we believe this is the Age of Responsible Business.

To meet changing stakeholder needs, we provide strategic consultancy – helping clients to understand, manage and demonstrate how they are fit for purpose in the Age of Responsible Business. Our consultants also provide counsel and tactical support to amplify the campaigns and stories of organisations that work to have a positive social impact in our community.