Creativity @ Weber Shandwick

At Weber Shandwick, we believe in ideas.

Not one-off tactics or stunts, but ideas that keep giving; ideas that offer up potential for scalable and campaignable creative activations in any channel, again and again; ideas that earn attention, with the potential to break free of their media channel to become news and social currency.

These ideas aren’t lucky thunderbolt moments of creative genius. We have an entire system, fuelled by deep insight and analysis, to help us achieve them.

We start by defining what we call a strategic INCITE. This is a brand insight fused with a relevant cultural context. Correctly defining this ensures our ideas are based both on what you as a brand want to talk about, and what your audiences want to engage with.

We have a unique creative structure that’s embedded in the business and practices, lead by one of the most awarded people in the communications industry, along with a creative team made up of award-winning storytellers, writers, designers, social media strategists and big idea collaborators. We hire world-class talent from across the advertising and communications disciplines to ensure we offer true media-neutral thinking and craftsmanship, whatever media channel we’re creating for. And to ensure we benefit from local cultural insight, a virtual ideas lab is in place to allow the creative minds from across the entire region to ‘meet’ to work on briefs together.

Thanks to this creative culture, process and structure, we deliver results. That’s why we are recognised as one of the most creative PR networks in the world.