Crisis Communications and Issues Management

We provide crisis preparedness plans, training and simulation exercises and are the go-to firm in any issue or crisis that requires calm, experienced communications and issues management counsel.

Our global crisis group is on call 24/7 to provide expert counsel and practical support in issues, crises and special situations. We help manage everything from the most dramatic disasters to complex litigation. We work across all industries, for all types of client in any part of the world.

To help organisations be as ready as possible for potential issues and crises, we develop crisis plans and run crisis simulation exercises.  Weber Shandwick’s Firebell is an award-winning social media crisis simulator that creates an authentic, real-time experience of a crisis unfolding on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media channels, and does so in a secure environment.  We also offer a Mobile Command App so that clients can manage issues wherever they are.

Matters that we handle include enforcement actions, major litigation (especially intellectual property, competition, fraud and international disputes), natural and man-made disasters, environmental, health and safety issues, financial situations (M&A, bankruptcies and restructurings), board disputes, management changes, industrial action (including strikes, unionisation campaigns and plant closures), product recalls, product liability and market exits.

In addition, our Communications and Media Training courses prepare spokespeople to handle tough questions not only from the media, but also in legislative committees, investor meetings, employee gatherings and other challenging situations.