Employee Engagement & Change Management

We live in an era where change is rampant, talent gets harder to recruit and retain and overall engagement is weak. That’s why now more than ever there is a need for companies to create different and better experiences for their employees.

Businesses must re-envision their employees as ‘consumers on the inside,’ building relationships that are two-way, authentic and grounded in trust, because capturing employees’ hearts and minds pays off. Companies with a strong culture and an engaged workforce not only benefit from greater loyalty and genuine advocacy, but also from higher levels of productivity and morale. Ultimately, it helps companies meet their business goals and positively affects their bottom line.

Our Employee Engagement & Change Management team helps clients across a wide range of sectors manage two of their most precious assets − people and reputation.

Bringing together top talent from top global corporations, branding firms,  traditional PR and management consulting, Weber Shandwick marries the right brain artistic chops of a creative agency with the left brain business savvy of United Minds, our global management consultancy, to build belief, align interests and inspire action in times of change. And we know how to flex these strategies to work across geographic and cultural boundaries.

Our employee communications campaigns and change management initiatives enable organisations to:

  • Identify growth and innovation opportunities
  • Integrate following a merger or acquisition
  • Align, prepare and engage leaders
  • Shift culture
  • Reorganise or restructure
  • Build an inclusive workplace
  • Strengthen employer reputation
  • Ground your strategy in insight and foresight