Digital Media and Entertainment

The world is consuming entertainment like never before.

We can watch the latest new movies on a tablet, get the same music a top DJ just played in Ibiza and challenge someone we’ve never met to a race across a city in a fast car.

We’re proud to have played a part in getting the world turned on to many new entertainment experiences. We’ve helped clients break records for global sports games, worked alongside top film directors to introduce new ways to enjoy movies, helped new breed music companies grow at amazing rates and got people switched on to TV viewing on their terms.

Brands in media and entertainment are delivering incredible experiences. They are also seeing their markets shift rapidly, with new competitors and disruptive technology innovations. This makes it more important than ever to be able to call on a team that has a broad mix of experience dealing with different stakeholders.

We build teams with the right mix of skills and experience to meet the variety of challenges our clients face – from getting into lifestyle media and working with celebrities, to communicating with the technology influencers, to dealing with industry bodies and regulators.