Sustainability is gaining momentum as the defining mission of this century. As Paul Hawken said, sustainability is one of the most certain paths to innovation for companies seeking a competitive edge.

There is a growing recognition that natural resource constraints, damaged ecosystems, the early effects of climate change and the consequences of poor business practices on the environment and communities could pose hard limits to growth (let alone reputational risk).

Sustainability creates long-term value by developing products and services which have less impact on the natural world and the climate – that align with the ambition of ‘net zero, carbon positive’. For both companies and nations, sustainable development means decoupling growth from resource consumption and minimising harmful consequences, to live within planetary boundaries. Especially for companies with a large footprint, it is increasingly critical to their social license to operate.

We help companies develop engaging platforms for their sustainability journey, creating internal alignment and cohesion, together with authentic narratives for conversations with external stakeholders including conscious consumers and challenging NGOs. We help them form collaborative ventures to address industry-specific challenges and develop breakthrough innovation. We help them build and nurture partnerships with NGOs and development actors to improve supply chain resilience. We help them share their story through all types of media and through executive engagement. And we help them hard-wire sustainability into governance and management systems, and report performance in accordance with recognised standards within a clear sustainability context.