TWSC signs up to The Mindful Business Charter 

The Weber Shandwick Collective (TWSC), the strategic communications and consulting network, today announced its commitment to The Mindful Business Charter (MBC), which fosters healthier ways of working. It is the first integrated communications and marketing agency to join a wide range of global businesses as a new signatory, marking a firm commitment to employee wellbeing in the industry.


The MBC is a framework set up to guide individuals and organisations to work in more mindful ways, to reduce the unnecessary stress experienced in work and to promote healthier and more effective ways of working. It is based on four core pillars: Openness and Respect, Smart Meetings and Communication, Respecting Rest Periods, Mindful Delegation.


Helen Matthews, Chief People Officer, EMEA, said: “We take pride in demonstrating our commitment to wellbeing across a number of initiatives. Signing up to this charter encourages us to walk the walk, hold ourselves to account and share best practices. Importantly, it allows us to partner with our clients in a meaningful and proactive way. The charter acknowledges that we cannot realistically remove all sources of stress, however, it encourages signatory organisations to commit to certain principles, including fostering a culture of respect, openness and inclusion.”


The foundation of MBC lies in the values of collaboration and shared learning, underlining the importance of creating an environment of openness and respect within their respective organisations and in their interactions with one another. This includes connections with suppliers and clients. They can make a real difference, often by taking small, gradual steps.


Helen Bennett, CEO, UK said, “Given the nature of our fast-paced environment, we recognise the pressures that our employees may face. As a result, prioritising mental health and wellbeing has been imperative for our business. We are committed to ensuring that every team member feels supported and equipped with the necessary tools to take care of their mental health. As we join the MBC community, we anticipate collaborating on initiatives to reduce stress and foster a healthier work environment, aligning with our clients on sustainable practices.”


Richard Martin, CEO of the Mindful Business Charter, said: “It is a great pleasure to welcome The Weber Shandwick Collective (TWSC) to our community of member organisations. At its heart, MBC is about each of us having the permission and language to communicate what we need to do our best work. The community can only benefit from having the expertise of TWSC involved.”


This latest initiative reinforces The Weber Shandwick Collective’s dedication to its employees’ work-life balance and wellbeing strategy.