The Earned Effect Study


At Weber Shandwick, we believe this is the ‘Era of Earned’: to earn value – attention, loyalty, reputation, business – brands and organisations must contribute meaningful value. The findings of our global Earned Effect Study, in partnership with the IPA, corroborates this belief.


Our research reveals campaigns that generate coverage and conversation over the long term are more successful in driving significant business impact and more likely to achieve very large profit growth. Below you will find a downloadable three-page overview of the study, plus key findings.


Our industry-first, Earned Impact Value solution, uses proprietary AI models to measure the business impact of earned media and creative effectiveness over the short, medium and long term. Find out more here.

Key findings


more likely to drive very large business effects


more likely to generate very large profit growth


more likely to create halo effects across other products in the franchise


drove very large sales gains


drove very large market share gain

Earned Impact Value


Our industry-first proprietary solution uses AI models to holistically measure the Earned Effect over the short, medium, and long term, comprising three distinct products:


The Earned Score assesses real-time effectiveness of media efforts, focusing on a brand’s coverage and conversation.


The Scenario Planner analyses quarterly impact scenarios, evaluating potential consequences of shifting brand priorities on reputation.


The Conversion Model examines extended impacts on business outcomes to guide strategic investments for maximum results.


Download a summary of Earned Impact Value here and get in touch to find out how the tool can help your business grow.

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Download our three-page overview of The Earned Effect Study, including key findings.

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