The Weber Shandwick 

The Weber Shandwick Collective (TWSC) – the strategic communications and consulting network – is made up of specialist creative, marketing, communications and consulting firms built for the era of earned.

Individual talent.
Collective strength.

With Weber Shandwick at the core, TWSC  is built to seamlessly work together to address all our clients’ needs. Our specialty firms enable us to provide a complete marketing services offering – from culture marketing to public affairs, to advertising, market research, counselling the C-suite and innovation strategy. TWSC is fuelled by a breadth and depth of expertise.


Business & Society Futures: In an environment often defined by complexity, conflict and risk, organisations have new opportunities – and an imperative – to deliver value for all stakeholders, including shareholders. TWSC’s Business & Society Futures counsels senior advisors to decode disruptions, clarify complexity and meet a new standard of leadership.


Futures, the Media Lab at Weber Shandwick: Built to help close the growing gap between how the public and companies communicate, Futures is instrumental in driving the firm’s innovation strategy and client service offerings. Central to Futures’ work is Media Genius, an open learning platform to help leaders decode media disruption.


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