Moving Women to the Heart of Health

The Weber Shandwick Collective: Women’s Health is committed to moving women to the heart of health – building a healthier future for all women.

Shaping healthier futures for all women

Established in 2023, the Weber Shandwick Collective: Women’s Health is a passionate group of global health experts from United Minds, Flipside Health, That Lot and Weber Shandwick covering every aspect of policy and advocacy, health communications, corporate communications, employee engagement, digital innovation and design experience. Our Women’s Health Indicator, developed by data analysts and behaviour experts, identifies specific gaps in women’s healthcare by analysing and assessing data points measured across society, media and policy - supporting work across multiple areas including HIV, rheumatology, chronic pain, climate change and Alzheimer’s Disease.

As the mother of three teenage girls, I am acutely aware of my own health experiences at their ages. Young women need information they can relate to from reliable sources. They need to know to speak up when they are concerned.

Rachael Pay

President Health, EMEA, Weber Shandwick

Every woman I know has a time when they felt worried, alone, unheard, and often in pain. I believe we can right this wrong by helping women become the architects of their own health journey.

Kristen Dimmock

Head of Health Strategy, UK and EMEA, Weber Shandwick

Businesses need more than ever to build empathy and trust to engage appropriately in sensitive conversations and support women’s health needs.

Chris Payne

Senior Principal, United Minds

Sharing is knowledge, and knowledge is power. Only through this process will women receive the physical, mental, and emotional care we deserve.

Damini Sayal Khosla

Managing Director, Switzerland, Weber Shandwick

Too often female pain is attributed to pregnancy or hormones, delaying diagnoses in reproductive health due to a lack of understanding and testing. I want to help overcome this.

Izzy Lewis

Senior Digital Strategist, Flipside

There is more to do to normalise the stigma around women’s health, and to create healthcare products and services that are designed for women.

Melinda Gemesi

Senior Vice President, Analytics, Weber Shandwick

There is a tremendous opportunity to more fully engage consumers with relevant information at key decision-making moments to better address their health.

Anna Gallais

Managing Director, Consumer Health and Wellness, EMEA, Weber Shandwick

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