Direct Line

Project: The Brush-a-lyser

Freshening up the drink driving conversation 

As one of the UK’s leading insurers, Direct Line is on a mission to make the nation’s roads safer. We created the world’s first breathalyer toothbrush, to deter people from driving the morning after consuming alcohol.

01The Context

With drink driving convictions at their highest rate since 2009 and 25% of British adults admitting to driving the morning after a night out despite feeling under the influence of alcohol, something needed to be done to deter people from taking to the roads in the morning after consuming alcohol.

02The Move

To change consumer attitudes and behaviours we needed to take a completely different approach. We took the item most synonymous with freshening up the morning after and made it a totem for our intentions. Introducing The Brushalyser, world’s first breathalyser toothbrush.

03The Action

Our game-changing new concept was designed to freshen up the drink driving conversation and make people think twice before driving the morning after a night out. After brushing, users blow into the breathalyser on the back of the fully working prototype; the light flashes red and vibrates if over the limit, and glows green if it’s safe to drive. Then we launched a full-scale media outreach programme and enlisted spokespeople to build upon our earned narrative.

04The Impact

The Brushalyser got the nation talking, with widespread coverage across nationals and broadcast on launch day, followed by further spokespeople interviews and case study placements to sustain conversation.

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