Project: Budweiser Salutes

A toast to the greenest game-changers 

All Budweiser’s UK beers are brewed using renewables To celebrate, the brand raised a toast to sustainability efforts more broadly, using OOH and influencers to spotlight individuals, cities and even competitor brands fighting for a greener planet.

01The Context

Budweiser wanted to celebrate that 100% of its beers in the UK are brewed using renewable electricity, but entering the sustainability conversation is challenging.

02The Move

To make the celebration much bigger than Budweiser. To salute people, cities and even competitor brands raising the bar in sustainability.

03The Action

In time for Earth Day, Budweiser launched Sustainable Salutes: OOH and influencer activity that raised a toast to those fighting for a greener planet.

04The Impact

158 pieces of coverage in national publications, 879k influencer impressions, social ROI increase of 76% and brand power at its highest since the 2018 World Cup.

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