Project: Fairer Tales

With the number of female millionaires in the UK on the rise, and at a faster rate than men, HSBC UK approached us to raise its profile with women. Fairer Tales flipped the traditional fairy tale on its head – re-shaping role models and sparking debate.

Boosting financial confidence

01The Context

Wealthy women are less likely to seek financial advice than men, meaning they may not be realising the full potential of their wealth. We needed to position the Bank as committed to boosting financial confidence among women as part of a commercial strategy to increase consideration of investment advice by women.

02The Move

Existing research showed attitudes to finance are shaped early, by the age of seven. We decided to reshape the narrative young girls hear when it comes to financial independence. Introducing Fairer Tales: Princesses doing it for themselves – a story which sees Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel no longer relying on Prince Charming; what saves them instead? Financial acumen.

03The Action

Fronted by tennis pro, Emma Raducanu and launched through an integrated programme including media relations, social and web content, in-branch activity, community outreach, internal comms and influencer engagement, the book was supported with new research on financial literacy.

04The Impact

The campaign sparked national conversation on attitudes to gender and money and widespread coverage including the Daily Mail, Telegraph, Guardian and Sky News.

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