Project: Dream Big

Championing immunisation through inspired storytelling 

During the pandemic, we were reminded of the freedom we had taken for granted; one gifted to us again by vaccines. We helped Sanofi to leverage social media to capture that mood to promote immunisation more broadly.


01The Context

With immunisation rates for preventable diseases in decline for years and vaccine hesitancy becoming entrenched, Sanofi wanted to reverse the trend and drive uptake.

02The Move

The campaign had to be emotive enough to inspire across social, but subtle enough to avoid vaccine-hesitant commentary; supported by tailored promotion and tapping into platform trends.

03The Action

We focused on the emotional benefits of vaccination, celebrating five heroes following their passions in a liberated world – David, Georgia, Ingrid, Juan and Shaoqin.

04The Impact

90mn+ impressions, 40mn+ video plays and 155k+ link clicks – true validation for a subtle, courageous strategy that embraced multiple channels and formats.

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