Sanofi and Regeneron

Project: Severe Asthma Index

Talking the language of policy: data 

A year in the making, this award-winning and data-visualization led initiative for Sanofi and Regeneron was designed to establish a universal truth in severe asthma and achieve real change in health policy.


01The Context

This disease accounts for 50+% of asthma’s healthcare costs despite afflicting only 5-10% of the world’s 334mn asthma patients. Yet, awareness-raising activity was not translating into policy action.

02The Move

To create the world’s first comparative analysis of severe asthma strategy in 29 OECD countries, collating thousands of data points to produce a single model of care.

03The Action

The resulting Index – a stylish policy sandbox – and Companion Report were promoted through social and supported by patient associations, the media and across the policy sphere.

04The Impact

The provision of a vital reference point for those arguing for more equitable care for patients; findings enable truly informed discussions with policymakers at country level.

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