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Project: Unmute

How sharing corporate policy made its mark on domestic violence 

60% of domestic violence victims stay silent. During lockdown, cases of domestic violence rose by 20%. UNMUTE saw Unilever give open access to its domestic violence policy which revolutionised corporate thinking on a critical employee issue.

01The Context

60% of domestic violence victims stay silent. Lockdown made it harder to speak up, with cases rising by 20%. Unilever wanted to do more than highlight the problem.

02The Move

To help Unilever end the silence on domestic violence by revolutionising corporate thinking on an employee issue ‘too big not to tackle’.

03The Action

Unilever offered all businesses open access to its global domestic violence policy, which we turned into a campaign, UNMUTE, that used silence to demand attention.

04The Impact

UNMUTE had a reach of 12.5m and engaged 1.5m – provoking new thinking on domestic violence. Abuse-related training has since increased ten-fold.

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